Thursday, March 3, 2011

Thankful Thursday...

Ok, so I've been slack about writing latley, but I told you that would happen when I started this blog, remember? We've had a lot going on the past few weeks, both girls celebrated birthdays (2 for Kathryn and 4 for Addison), we had a combined dress up party to celebrate, I started boot camp---yes, you heard me...and get this, it starts at *gasp* 545 a.m.!!!! Anyway, those are all excuses, so I promise to try harder.

Here we go though---I'm thankful for...

1. Dayquil, Nyquil and Amoxicillan, b/c for the past 2 weeks thats been my diet. I got a sinus infection and boy has it been lingering! I'm just ready for it to be over. Thankfully, I no longer have many of the symptons (thanks to all my drugs) but I have a lingering cough and I'm soooo sleepy....and my ears are constantly stopped up---so if I speak to you, I'm not yelling, I promise! I just can't hear myself!

2. Boot Camp. Yep. I said it. I actually enjoy getting up so early and working out. Don't get me wrong. I love sleep just as much as the next mom. In fact, I'm down right mean without it. I've never been one to work out...I just usually look with envy at those other women who do work out and secretly hate them and their fit selves! However, getting up and going to this work out so early in the morning actually gets me home BEFORE my kids get up. I have time every morning to actually have a "non kid interrupted" conversation with my husband before he goes to work (Haven't had one of those in about 4 years!) and you know what? Occasionally, I get some housework done before they get up too!!! Wow! ---I have extra energy *most* of the time and I KNOW its good for me---I certainly won't be upset if the scale shows it soon too! ;)

3. Sunshine!!!!! We've been blessed here in NC with quite a few 60+ degree days IN FEBRUARY!!!! Can you believe it? I am NOT complaining about that one! It has been so refreshing to let the girls play outside in the afternoon and watch them get better at riding their tricycle and scooter! We even took a girls day to the zoo recently! Boy has it been beautiful! Thank the Lord for His abundant blessings! :)

What are you thankful for?

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jen butterfield said...

We recently had a trip to Florida and Dale and I were trapped in the car for a while after seeing the space shuttle taking off. We talked about alot of things that had been weighing on our minds that we really hadn't taken the time to sit and talk about. It was time very well spent and I was left with the feeling and knowing that God is always working out what I can not. I am so thankful for that LONG drive and Gods intervention in every aspect of my life.