Thursday, September 8, 2011

Good-Bye Summer!

Well, last weekend was Labor Day, the "unofficial" end to summer...I thought I'd do a recap of our summer, since I didn't blog that much about it while it was happening!

We went Strawberry picking in May (twice!) It was so much fun, and we had more strawberries than we knew what to do with! We made strawberry muffins, froze strawberries for my smoothies, made strawberry icecream, freezer jam and of course ate boatloads FRESH!!! Yumm!

Grammie and Grandaddy came to visit over Memorial Day weekend and we got a super awesome "slippy slide" as the girls call it...
Addison LOVES it! Would you belive that Kathryn wouldn't go down the slide until this weekend when we got it out "one last time" for the summer!?!

In July we went to Memphis to visit my parents and sister (who also lives nearby with her husband) for a bit....this is kind of an "annual" trip, every year around the 4th of July we go see them (coincedence that they have a pool and its 90+ degrees when we decide to visit???hmmmm....)

It was a great trip (but long drive).  Towards the end of our visit, my cousin brought my Granny and Aunt as well as another cousin and her kids up from Florida to Mom and Dad's as well---I know! Lots of people to keep up with.  My cousin does this every year...we go see mom and dad and then towards the end of our stay, she brings up my Granny and anyone else who wants to visit so we get to see them as well! Its not easy having family spread over several states, but this way, we get to see alot of them without having to make a bunch of road trips.  Hubby decided that I should extend the vacation with the girls so they could spend the time getting to know my Granny (their Great Grandma)---because, lets face many kids get the honor of knowing their GREAT grandparents like that? he took a one way flight home to go back to work while I stayed for an extra week with EVERYONE! It was sad to leave, but lets just say it was nice to sleep in my own bed after sharing a house with 13 people and 4 dogs!  Mom came back home with me so I wouldn't have to make the long drive home bymyself with the kids and Baxter (of course the dog came too!)---so that just meant I got to spend even MORE time with was so nice!

In our time together she and I did lots of sewing (because I'm still learning the whole process!)  We made hooded towels for the girls, swim suits for both of them, I embroidered a few shirts for them and she made them each 2 or 3 dresses.  It was so nice!

The girls also spent the weekend with their Grandma and Grandpa Yochim a few times too...they always have fun there!

Wow! that was a whirlwind post about a whirlwind summer, but it was a GREAT summer! Now, we are looking forward to cooler weather, the start of PRESCHOOL for big sis, DANCE for both girls etc...Lots of changes coming up, but we are excited and ready to go!