Thursday, August 11, 2011

Thankful Thursday...

So, my last update was in March...told you I'm not that good at follow through! Great ideas, sometimes they just dont happen like I intend.  I promise, I'm going to get back on the bandwagon!!!

Today, I was planning all day about what I was going to tell you I'm thankful for this Thursday...but then something awesome happened.  Hubby and I put both girls to bed, then went on to do "stuff"...hubby picked up the dinner dishes and I started a load or 2 of laundry....then I heard it...Addison was praying in her room!!!  She said:

Thank you God for Mommy
Thank you God for Daddy making me chicken and mushroom tacos
Thank you God for the playground
(then she said something about colorful stuff...I think she was referring to us making tie die shirts last weekend...who knows)

How sweet!
Ironically, my Thankful Thursday post was going to be similar:

I'm thankful for MOPS which has introduced me to many Mommy friends I likely would never have is such a blessing to have ladies in my life who are in the same season as I am (and can understand me because of it!)
I'm thankful for my wonderful Hubby who puts up with me in all my glory (and not so much glory)
I'm thankful for cooler weather today (just a little cooler) that enabled us to go to the playground and play with some of our friends (and me to talk to some of my mommy friends)

I hope you've found something today to be thankful for!

I promise to try to update again soon...I have the whole summer to catch up on, and boy has it been fun!